nedjelja, 6. ožujka 2011.

Why are people so interested in hacking ?

Hii it's BellaEllaCullen . jelizaveta123 wrote about hacking , and I my self read it on some fameous Stardoll blogs . Soo why is everyone interested that much in hacking ? I really dont know . What do you get by that ? Oooh I rember - FAME ! Precisley if you hack so called 'elites' . You can steal their rares and so on .... But most importent you get fame ! Everybody speaks about you . I got hacked once . It was realy, realy long ago . I gave some girl my pass and she promised me to give me 100 sd . So , of course , she didn't give them to me . And she told me to steal somebody's else's accaount and I will get my own back . I didn't do that and I got my accaount back later that day ( I just clicked I forgot my pass on time) . And that's when I learnd about hacking on Stardoll . The worse thing is that Stardoll won't help you if you get hacked ! Evan if you are royality ( it rhyms with loyality ironically ) . So thay are like you-give-us-a-lot-of-money-and-we-love-you-you-are-ours-favorite-member-we-will-always-help-you.And when you got hacked they are like we-don't-care-it's-non-of-our-buissnes. So you are always loser. Especially if you dont ever get your acc back . Hackers get fame and your rares . Be careful and DO NOT trust Stardoll .
See yaa !

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