petak, 9. srpnja 2010.

OMG! new stardoll!

Do you like it? I don't.. :( Here are some pics:





četvrtak, 8. srpnja 2010.

Is this Stardoll Mail ???

Bella writeing...
My friend saw this at her doll , so she send me a photo.
On the photo writes 'Stardoll Mail' , but the msg is empty . She got 2 msg that kind.

srijeda, 7. srpnja 2010.


Hi, Bella writeing.
There are some interesting news about Stardoll,thanks 'The Stardoll Insiders' for it.
1.And here are some news about 'Big Makeover 2010'
2.Here is Official Stardoll Blog, here is the link for it

ponedjeljak, 5. srpnja 2010.

Antidote ! Expensive

Yeah, the new Antidote is out ! Another copy of LE ( Limited Edition).
Agin, Its really too expensive. I dont like it just 2 snickers. Other is too expensive.

subota, 3. srpnja 2010.

petak, 2. srpnja 2010.

Look who's the HOT FOLLOWER of the day ;)

Heard for Stardoll Society ?
It's the blog of Joanne1305.
And it's great,seriously. Very cool and USEFUL! Want to see why? Well check out her blog =P

Anyway,Wednesday winner is me =D