četvrtak, 31. ožujka 2011.

100 Million Suprises

Non-SS and SS get 100 Stardollars for free. But we can use it just 48 hours. As usual, SS get more suprises. When you become SS you get 100 days SS for free, 100 gifts, etc. :/

So, what do you think?

utorak, 29. ožujka 2011.

100 Million Stardolls Contest and Free Trophy

Hey! There is 100 Million Members Contest. You get a trophy when you enter the competition. ;)


Heeey! Look what I've made ! Do you like it ?!

ponedjeljak, 28. ožujka 2011.


I just wanted to say that I have new banner and I like new look of our blog! xD Bye! :P

Ahooy Captain !!! :D XD

Don't you just like our new pirate look ?! I do :D

petak, 25. ožujka 2011.

April Hot Buys !

New Hot Buys came to Stardoll , not to the shops but they are here. The only reason why I'm writing this is beacose I really like this April HBs . I dont like some them , but the rest is fine :) Note:There is HB on sale in Bisou :) Here is the picture :

subota, 19. ožujka 2011.

100 Million Items

Stardoll has almost 100 million members , so there are 100 Million items and clothes.

petak, 18. ožujka 2011.

Mizzmileycyrus7 is back

Yeah..I wasn`t really surprised when I saw that..
She says she wants a forivness,and that she is sorry
but look at this:
Soo let`s use "translate"
Mizzmileycyrus7:I am soo sorry,can I have our forgivness?
Translate:You stupid shits,I want more popularity,and no,I am not sorry!

She saw thatn nobody really cares,she left Stardoll and people were talking about it ONLY 1 DAY!
Soo now she is back.
I hope you will left Stardoll as sooner posibble

četvrtak, 17. ožujka 2011.

Unbelivible -.-

Hii , it's me ! So , you know what Bosnian CG is elda_stars - hacker ! Just great read Milica's post ( allthatstardollsecrets.blogspot.com/2011/03/3rd-hacked-girl.html ) Yeaah ! Just great !

utorak, 15. ožujka 2011.

Hello people!

Well hello(to no one).I'm not new here,I was here from the big beginning,but I was just waiting to post about something interesting and as nothing interesting happened I decided to...well introduce myself.
I'd like to use this picture below that my dear friend Milica(milica7)made just for me(thanks),but I have changed my medoll a lot.I'll use it sometimes,I promise :)


Join Lady_Lola89's club! :P

She has great club - DevonVillage. It's virtual club. Join. It'll be fun! ;P

ponedjeljak, 14. ožujka 2011.


It's boring! -.-''

Nothing to do with Stardoll :((

Hii . I just hate no. 11 . Realize why ?
September , Haiti , Japan :(

subota, 12. ožujka 2011.


Yeah...I have a new banner xDIt`s made by blingjane (VISIT HER BLOG http://www.sdport.blogspot.com)
Anyway the bad news are:.Marcela.. and Emorox4eva are leaving Stardoll...
I don`t know what will append with Marcela`s magazine (EGO magazine),her Stardoll clothes line,and Hotbuysaddicted :(
I have to admit,I am in love with her desngs xD
Jenna is selling her blog and my opinion is:The new owner will want ONLY popularity and the blog will become horibble :S
PerezatStarGossip is offline 3 days and she didn`t come yesterday to the "radio"
Hunnigial is offline 3 weeks,did someting bad happend to her?
I think that the summer won`t be soo nice on Stardoll...
The most popular members are leaving Stardoll,and their projects will never see the light of day

srijeda, 9. ožujka 2011.

LE Decor - Stupid , stupid , stupid ! :O

UPDATE : I like that shower thing (something with rain) preety nice
Heey it's me ! When I saw that LE Decor was coming I wasn't so excited . I knew that I would buy anything . Yet I was so suprised to see how Stardoll made it and desing it - awful ! The furniture is expensive , but you can find almost same furniture in SuiteShop or whatever it's called.I liked the 2 interiers preety much , but again too expensive . Graphics (for iteriers) are preety good and they look very nice . Anyways , LE clothes didn't come yet ( like I care ) .But I'm wondering will we have LE Suites , LE Me-Dolls , ... All I can say is the LE is everywhere ( rhyme , yeey me ! :D ) See yaa :)

utorak, 8. ožujka 2011.

3rd hacked girl! -.-

Liza and Esma wrote about hacking, so I will write, too. xD I know one girl who was hacked two days ago. Her name is olgajevtic and she was hacked by elda_stars and dzena_stars. They returned doll to her, but they sold all HB, DKNY etc. I think that's awful! x(

ponedjeljak, 7. ožujka 2011.

Is it fair ?! / How to be safe on Stardoll ( and internet )

So today I decided to write 2 posts in 1 , beacose they have some similarities - safty and probity .
So my first question is : Is it fair ?! Yestrday, I was on Stardoll and I came to one girl's suite . Yeah , nothing important . I went a litlle bit through her GB and realised she was hacked ! She managed to get her acc back , but not all of her's LE , RARES , HB's etc. When she was hacked 'her' hacker sold them for 1 sd and other girl bought them . So 'the hacked girl' asked the girl who bought them to give her back her RARES . And guess what ? She didn't do it ! And I was thinking is it fair ?! I mean she bought them and she didn't know the seller was hacked , but hey , she could guess ! LE for 1sd if you are not trading - I don't think so ! 'The girl who bought' and 'the girl who was hacked ' aren't guilty , hacker is but....
Her is a post about safety on internet and Stardoll . I read it on perezhiltonofstardoll.blogspot.com.There is some virus that can 'see' what you tipe on your keyboard . So what should you use ? On-Screen Kayboard . You can use it always , or in my case , just when you tipe your passwords . This is how you turn it on : Open : Start-> All programs -> Accessories -> Accessiblity-> On-Screen Keyboard . You turn it off just by clicking 'X' in right corner ( duhh , I know you are not stupid ) . Easy way to stay safe ;D

nedjelja, 6. ožujka 2011.

Why do we buy rares in RL and on SD?

It`s me,Lizzy!
Soo the question of the day is:Why do we buy clothes from popular stores (or rare) in RL(like D&G,Chanel,GIVENCHY,etc..)and on SD (LE,Antidiote,RC clothes,etc...)?
Why?Becouse we all want to have someting with a mark.It happend to me once.I had to bought a dress for my cousin`s wedding soo I went to shopping centre and I was looking for a dress.I saw an amazing cute dress,and I looked amazing in it.But there was another dress,I didn`t look soo great in it,and it wasn`t my style.But I bought it?Why?Becouse in whole world there were only 2 dresses like it.ONLY 2!And I guess I wanted to have someting "unique","rare".Now I even don`t know where that dress is (probally somewhere in my wardrobe).Soo do you see now why we buy rare clothes?The same thing is on stardoll.We all want to have someting rare.On Stardoll there is 96,719,832 members,and it`s an amazing feeling when only we and 999 members have (for example)the same dress.Okay,every superstar with stardollars can have at least one hot buys but they are "RARE"too.Now Hot buys are much more uglier,and much more expesnsive then 1 year ago.1.I wanted to have all Hot Buys,but now I don`t care about them.If they are nice,I will buy it,if they are not.Well then I don`t care about it :P XD

A funny story

Hey,Lizzy here!
I will write someting about fame.Actually I will write a funny thing about fame.
Lets be honest!Most of people wants to be an POPULAR.You will be happier if someone will write this in your GB "I love your doll,I think you have a talent"then "Your doll is ugly,you should delete your doll becouse it`s the worst medoll on stardoll",right?
I saw one girl on stardoll and she admitted that she wants to be an elite,and now other girls don`t like her becouse she wants to be an elite.But they are trying to become elitas too.Soo it`s okay if they want to be popular,but it`s wrong if someone else wants to be popular too?
Oh,and yes!One of stardoll`s biggest famewhore is leaving stardoll.Do you know whu I am talking about?Yup,mizzmileycyrus9 will left Stardoll :DBut maybe not.I think she will made another doll,or she just won`t left Stardoll.

Why are people so interested in hacking ?

Hii it's BellaEllaCullen . jelizaveta123 wrote about hacking , and I my self read it on some fameous Stardoll blogs . Soo why is everyone interested that much in hacking ? I really dont know . What do you get by that ? Oooh I rember - FAME ! Precisley if you hack so called 'elites' . You can steal their rares and so on .... But most importent you get fame ! Everybody speaks about you . I got hacked once . It was realy, realy long ago . I gave some girl my pass and she promised me to give me 100 sd . So , of course , she didn't give them to me . And she told me to steal somebody's else's accaount and I will get my own back . I didn't do that and I got my accaount back later that day ( I just clicked I forgot my pass on time) . And that's when I learnd about hacking on Stardoll . The worse thing is that Stardoll won't help you if you get hacked ! Evan if you are royality ( it rhyms with loyality ironically ) . So thay are like you-give-us-a-lot-of-money-and-we-love-you-you-are-ours-favorite-member-we-will-always-help-you.And when you got hacked they are like we-don't-care-it's-non-of-our-buissnes. So you are always loser. Especially if you dont ever get your acc back . Hackers get fame and your rares . Be careful and DO NOT trust Stardoll .
See yaa !

Free jacket at Starplaza

Hey! There is free SS jacket at Starplaza but I don't like it. Do you? :/

subota, 5. ožujka 2011.

Marcela is hacked!

Hello everybody!Lizzy here ;)
This is officially the "Hacker week"
1.Jenna was hacked,then Marcela.
I think that Marcela is a kind and sweet person,soo I don`t see who wanted to hack her and make her "Stardoll life" horibble.But I saw someting interesting in her GB.Lolita (Miss_LolitaF)wanted to buy her doll,and she put a 6000sd bid on her account!!!Noting strange for Lolita.But a minut later she wrote this "I am not going to buy this account, I know you lied and that you are not the real Marcela."

četvrtak, 3. ožujka 2011.

I just wanted to say that today Covergirl is so cute and unique. xD

srijeda, 2. ožujka 2011.


Hi,Lizzy here :D
Do you know that Jenna (emorox4eva)is hacked?And stardoll doesn`t want to help :S
Poor Jenna :(
The hacker is "cup45_x" (without " ").She took from Jenna:LE,1st season DKNY,LOTTERY DRESSES,MKA RC,PAULINA RC,McQUEEN WINNER DRESS,etc,etc...
But I think she didn`t have to spend soo much money on (like BellaEllaCullend wrote)pixels :/
Anyway I hope she will get her rare things back
Your opinion?

utorak, 1. ožujka 2011.

Join our club!

AllSDSecrets - join. ;) That is blog's club. ;) :P Please join.