subota, 12. ožujka 2011.


Yeah...I have a new banner xDIt`s made by blingjane (VISIT HER BLOG
Anyway the bad news are:.Marcela.. and Emorox4eva are leaving Stardoll...
I don`t know what will append with Marcela`s magazine (EGO magazine),her Stardoll clothes line,and Hotbuysaddicted :(
I have to admit,I am in love with her desngs xD
Jenna is selling her blog and my opinion is:The new owner will want ONLY popularity and the blog will become horibble :S
PerezatStarGossip is offline 3 days and she didn`t come yesterday to the "radio"
Hunnigial is offline 3 weeks,did someting bad happend to her?
I think that the summer won`t be soo nice on Stardoll...
The most popular members are leaving Stardoll,and their projects will never see the light of day

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