nedjelja, 6. ožujka 2011.

Why do we buy rares in RL and on SD?

It`s me,Lizzy!
Soo the question of the day is:Why do we buy clothes from popular stores (or rare) in RL(like D&G,Chanel,GIVENCHY,etc..)and on SD (LE,Antidiote,RC clothes,etc...)?
Why?Becouse we all want to have someting with a mark.It happend to me once.I had to bought a dress for my cousin`s wedding soo I went to shopping centre and I was looking for a dress.I saw an amazing cute dress,and I looked amazing in it.But there was another dress,I didn`t look soo great in it,and it wasn`t my style.But I bought it?Why?Becouse in whole world there were only 2 dresses like it.ONLY 2!And I guess I wanted to have someting "unique","rare".Now I even don`t know where that dress is (probally somewhere in my wardrobe).Soo do you see now why we buy rare clothes?The same thing is on stardoll.We all want to have someting rare.On Stardoll there is 96,719,832 members,and it`s an amazing feeling when only we and 999 members have (for example)the same dress.Okay,every superstar with stardollars can have at least one hot buys but they are "RARE"too.Now Hot buys are much more uglier,and much more expesnsive then 1 year ago.1.I wanted to have all Hot Buys,but now I don`t care about them.If they are nice,I will buy it,if they are not.Well then I don`t care about it :P XD

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Lady_Lola89/Neira kaže...

I never cared about brands in RL.I also never cared about brands on stardoll.It's just a another drawing for stardoll(virtual)shop,you know.