utorak, 19. travnja 2011.


Heey , here are some news !!! The new LE came out . As usually it was sold in 5 minutes , and it wasnt anything special , but never mind . Your money ( in real and virtual life ) , your choice ;)
Second , our ex-writer - Lady_Lola89 , made a new club , role-play , private . Vist her for more :) And third be ready for new things on our blog :D
Bye till next time I have time to write !

subota, 9. travnja 2011.

Non-SS Epiphany and 25% sale in Voile

Stardoll gave us some Epiphany for Non-SS. But I don't like it. They're nothing special. :/ Do you?

And there is 25% sale at Voile. Will you buy something? :)

*click to enlarge

petak, 8. travnja 2011.

HB Clutch

Haii ppl !!! Well I was happy when I saw new HB Clutch this morning ! I think It's very cute and I think I'll buy it . Not that I'm obssesed with HB's , but I like the shape and colurs and this clutch in general ! Will you buy it ?!

srijeda, 6. travnja 2011.

Nail Polish + Stardoll's 5th Birthday

Hi everyone . I was so excited to se nail polishes in Starplaza . We've been waiting too long for them . Now , since this is Stardoll , and not any other website , it always must be the dark side too . Nailpolishes are so so so so so EXPESIVE and SUPERSTAR ! It would be okay if evan had nails , but no , everyone , including ss and non ss has ONLY ONE NAIL . Stupid ! Then nailpolishes and that things for nails should be much cheaper and non-ss (maybe just some plain nailpolishes ) . Okay , than we have Stardoll's 5th Birthday . If they write agin ' Biggest . Celebration . Ever ' I'll be really mad . Is it just me or we really had celebration when Stardoll reached 100 milion members . I dont think so . 100 sd and some awards . Not so big for me . Whatever . Just to mention , you'll get that '5 sign ' if you take quiz about Stardoll .

petak, 1. travnja 2011.


I'm not going to write for this blog anymore.It was a nice experience.
See ya around,

četvrtak, 31. ožujka 2011.

100 Million Suprises

Non-SS and SS get 100 Stardollars for free. But we can use it just 48 hours. As usual, SS get more suprises. When you become SS you get 100 days SS for free, 100 gifts, etc. :/

So, what do you think?

utorak, 29. ožujka 2011.

100 Million Stardolls Contest and Free Trophy

Hey! There is 100 Million Members Contest. You get a trophy when you enter the competition. ;)