utorak, 17. kolovoza 2010.

Stardoll is stealing my money

BellaEllaCullen writeing.
Yeah, except its alredy expensive , Stardoll is also stealing mine/yours money.
I bought in IdentiTee ONE T-shirt . But when I got it to my suite there where 3 SAME T-SHIRTS . Evan if you want to buy 2 Stardoll will give you 3 , and sure you will pay everything.

subota, 14. kolovoza 2010.

Very similar dresses.

BellaEllaCullen writeing...
I was looking for some new dresses and I found this 2.
Both are Pink, for superstars,10 sd and very similiar .
Stardoll is getting just more and more expensive and they can't give us something new.

nedjelja, 8. kolovoza 2010.

Shrek Forever After Clothes ?!

BellaEllaCullen Writeing ...
I was looking for some white tops but on 15 last item I found Shrek Forever After top for superstars, drees also for superstars page 3 Green Drees, Brown top 15 Green , White , Brown tops non-ss, Shrek skirt page 4 Green , Brown , White Skirts and Onother Skirt same page same colurs both for non-ss.If you find some more contact me on Stardoll.

Moxie Teenz Shop and Hunny Bunny Item

BellaEllaCullen writeing ...
Here is some new shop Moxie Teenz , there are some cute things, but some are same like OTTO.
Here is a link to it(Very Long):http://www.stardoll.com/en/starplaza.php?startItemIds=26885,26886,26887,26888,26889,26890,26891,26892,26893,26894,26885,26895,26896,26897,26898,26899,26900,26901,26902,26903,26904,26905,26906,26907,26908,26909,26910,26911,26912,26913,26914,26915,26916,26917,26918,26919,26920,26921,26922,26923,26924,26925,26926,26927,26928,26929,26930,26931,26932,26933

If this link isn't working try this one: http://thestardollinsiders.wordpress.com/ .
Just scroll down any you will find it :)

Here is the Hunny Bunny item that isn't in shop.
If you want to have it here is the link :http://www.stardoll.com/en/starplaza.php?startItemIds=26964
(Its for non-ss)

četvrtak, 5. kolovoza 2010.

August Hotbuys

New Hot Buys! Well here they are.
I only like the earrings and that jacket.


Imagine this!!

When we were writing posts,no one followed us,but now when no-one on here actually writes we have 11 followers! Haha =D well,that's good.Thanks.
Who knows will we start writing again,I think I will xD

See ya,