utorak, 8. ožujka 2011.

3rd hacked girl! -.-

Liza and Esma wrote about hacking, so I will write, too. xD I know one girl who was hacked two days ago. Her name is olgajevtic and she was hacked by elda_stars and dzena_stars. They returned doll to her, but they sold all HB, DKNY etc. I think that's awful! x(

3 komentara:

Anonimno kaže...

Veeeery nice of them . Great job !

Anonimno kaže...

Olgajevtic isn't most important doll on SD, why she gave them pass anyway?

One Of Us =D kaže...

soo annonymous you want to say:Olgajevtic isn`t an elite soo evetyone can hack her?
I am sure you are the mosu UNpopular doll on sd:P