srijeda, 9. ožujka 2011.

LE Decor - Stupid , stupid , stupid ! :O

UPDATE : I like that shower thing (something with rain) preety nice
Heey it's me ! When I saw that LE Decor was coming I wasn't so excited . I knew that I would buy anything . Yet I was so suprised to see how Stardoll made it and desing it - awful ! The furniture is expensive , but you can find almost same furniture in SuiteShop or whatever it's called.I liked the 2 interiers preety much , but again too expensive . Graphics (for iteriers) are preety good and they look very nice . Anyways , LE clothes didn't come yet ( like I care ) .But I'm wondering will we have LE Suites , LE Me-Dolls , ... All I can say is the LE is everywhere ( rhyme , yeey me ! :D ) See yaa :)

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