srijeda, 2. ožujka 2011.


Hi,Lizzy here :D
Do you know that Jenna (emorox4eva)is hacked?And stardoll doesn`t want to help :S
Poor Jenna :(
The hacker is "cup45_x" (without " ").She took from Jenna:LE,1st season DKNY,LOTTERY DRESSES,MKA RC,PAULINA RC,McQUEEN WINNER DRESS,etc,etc...
But I think she didn`t have to spend soo much money on (like BellaEllaCullend wrote)pixels :/
Anyway I hope she will get her rare things back
Your opinion?

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BellaEllaCullen kaže...

It's just Stardoll . It wasnt fair earlier it isn't now ://