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Is it fair ?! / How to be safe on Stardoll ( and internet )

So today I decided to write 2 posts in 1 , beacose they have some similarities - safty and probity .
So my first question is : Is it fair ?! Yestrday, I was on Stardoll and I came to one girl's suite . Yeah , nothing important . I went a litlle bit through her GB and realised she was hacked ! She managed to get her acc back , but not all of her's LE , RARES , HB's etc. When she was hacked 'her' hacker sold them for 1 sd and other girl bought them . So 'the hacked girl' asked the girl who bought them to give her back her RARES . And guess what ? She didn't do it ! And I was thinking is it fair ?! I mean she bought them and she didn't know the seller was hacked , but hey , she could guess ! LE for 1sd if you are not trading - I don't think so ! 'The girl who bought' and 'the girl who was hacked ' aren't guilty , hacker is but....
Her is a post about safety on internet and Stardoll . I read it on perezhiltonofstardoll.blogspot.com.There is some virus that can 'see' what you tipe on your keyboard . So what should you use ? On-Screen Kayboard . You can use it always , or in my case , just when you tipe your passwords . This is how you turn it on : Open : Start-> All programs -> Accessories -> Accessiblity-> On-Screen Keyboard . You turn it off just by clicking 'X' in right corner ( duhh , I know you are not stupid ) . Easy way to stay safe ;D

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