nedjelja, 6. ožujka 2011.

A funny story

Hey,Lizzy here!
I will write someting about fame.Actually I will write a funny thing about fame.
Lets be honest!Most of people wants to be an POPULAR.You will be happier if someone will write this in your GB "I love your doll,I think you have a talent"then "Your doll is ugly,you should delete your doll becouse it`s the worst medoll on stardoll",right?
I saw one girl on stardoll and she admitted that she wants to be an elite,and now other girls don`t like her becouse she wants to be an elite.But they are trying to become elitas too.Soo it`s okay if they want to be popular,but it`s wrong if someone else wants to be popular too?
Oh,and yes!One of stardoll`s biggest famewhore is leaving stardoll.Do you know whu I am talking about?Yup,mizzmileycyrus9 will left Stardoll :DBut maybe not.I think she will made another doll,or she just won`t left Stardoll.

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