ponedjeljak, 21. lipnja 2010.

Hello, hi, zdravo, konnichiwa, ciao, bonjour, depends on where you live...
I am Roxxa0901, but you can call me Ebony or Elvira (not saying which one is my real name).
I'm pessimistic, sarcastic, sometimes hyperactive, dark, witty kind of person. You don't want to be on my bad side. I'm from beautiful Croatia, in Slavonija (that's a region in Croatia). I am not saying the name of my hometown, so you can't stalk me =P (just kidding!)
The reasons why I'm writing for this blog; I really like writing and one I'd like to be a writer or journalist, creator of this blog is one of my best friends, I am not afraid to say the truth like many people I know.

See ya later,

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