utorak, 29. lipnja 2010.


Sorry for not writing for like two or three days.
I was just out for like whole days and there were my friend's birthday&many more things.

Anyway I'm here now with some cool things xD

Okay,you have surely seen our new banner! I ,personally made it =D
It's us-writers of this blog in Sims 2 =D

However, I got many,many messages like this:
"Hi...(then they write some greetings and stuffs)
Can you sign my guestbook cause I love chatting there?...."

And also something like this:
"Sign my guestbook or I'm going to delete you from my friend list!"

I never reply these messages cause if I do,it's just like begging people to don't delete me. Duhh,I don't even know why they add me if they're going to delete me?


P.S.Other writers write something! =P
This isn't just my blog =P

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