ponedjeljak, 21. lipnja 2010.


Because I'm too bored to even get up and take Harry Potter from my bag, I decided to write about something just to waste time.
Okaaaaaay.. lets talk about awesome designs. I really like, no, LOVE XxXLachelleXxX's designs! She designs both Green Day AND Death Note (my favorite anime) things!
Pic of her suite:

Next awesome designer is.. *drum roll* Keira-V
Although I don't really like her designs (too colorful), others like them so I just listed her here.

Next great designer is paulina_xxx
She's got awesome Twilight designs, even I say that and I don't like Twilight at all!

Next is... you say who! Really, if you know someone that's an awesome designer, contact me on Roxxa0901 and tell me in friend request!

See ya later!


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