srijeda, 6. travnja 2011.

Nail Polish + Stardoll's 5th Birthday

Hi everyone . I was so excited to se nail polishes in Starplaza . We've been waiting too long for them . Now , since this is Stardoll , and not any other website , it always must be the dark side too . Nailpolishes are so so so so so EXPESIVE and SUPERSTAR ! It would be okay if evan had nails , but no , everyone , including ss and non ss has ONLY ONE NAIL . Stupid ! Then nailpolishes and that things for nails should be much cheaper and non-ss (maybe just some plain nailpolishes ) . Okay , than we have Stardoll's 5th Birthday . If they write agin ' Biggest . Celebration . Ever ' I'll be really mad . Is it just me or we really had celebration when Stardoll reached 100 milion members . I dont think so . 100 sd and some awards . Not so big for me . Whatever . Just to mention , you'll get that '5 sign ' if you take quiz about Stardoll .

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