ponedjeljak, 28. veljače 2011.

Hot Buys-are they worth it ?

Hii , soo , every month we get new Hot Buys ( HB ) . And so every month they are more and more expensive , and more uglier (in my case). So let's see February's HB . Do you remeber the Flutty Earings (here is the picture : underneathstardoll.blogspot.com/search/label/Hotbuys ) . They were about 14 sd ! For me that is way too much for (ugly) earings . Thats point a) and b) . HB are expenisive and mostly ugly. I say mostly beacose I have some of them , beacose I LIKE THEM . Then we come to point c) : collestors , pricesely , HB collectors . They have them all . They would give anything to have the oldest HB . They give (a lot of ) real money for HB . For what ? For few pixels . Not if you ask me . Let's see I want some old HB . I see person who sells them . I must pay around 5-6 $ (in my country) to have a peace of pixels . It's not much , but for something that isn't real , something you can't wear in real life , it is . They are a lot of better ways to spend your money . Let's say you really , really want that HB , and you trade for it . You can lost both pices of cloathing ( or something else) . It is same with LE , Antidote , Rares ... So I ask you are HB (LE etc. ) worth it ?
I dont think so. And you ?!

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